Friday, March 20, 2009

next tuesday!

here's a picture of our lovely and talented spice of life event planner, jess andjeski, who also takes care of all of our logistics for renegade lunch. this was taken during the walk-through for our lunch next tuesday to benefit the rape crisis center. can you guess where jess is? we'll be there soon. on an unrelated note, the random dude in the background must have sat down 10 seconds prior to our taking this shot, so i guess i should give him photo credit too. so, ladies and gentlemen, here's a picture of jess and random, tired dude at the site of the next renegade lunch.


The CFT said...

Nice. Right by the food court, no?

Noelle said...

How did it go today? I'm so sad that I wasn't able to sneak out to get there. Would love to know what film addicts thought of the whole thing!

Balloon Crew's Views said...

Really nice idea that random lunch thing! Hey Andria, call me when you need to do some unique and amazing balloon decor for any of your events! I'd love to work with your group; you guys and gals are so creative! Nice photo of you @ Tower City.

Jacquie Sopko
Balloon Crew, Inc.